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Telehealth saves Slough CCG time and money

The CCG has used assistive technology to help to increase efficiency, and promote self-management and prevention amongst high risk groups. They identified a cohort of patients that were high users of health and care services. These patients were well known to the specialist community practitioners and the acute Trust.

Slough Borough Council and NHS Slough CCG wished to improve both the quality and value for money of services for their population. Anecdotal evidence from Community Nurses highlight increased levels of anxiety amongst patients living at home with multiple long-term conditions. This resulted in heavy use of resources in the form of high numbers of house calls, lengthy telephone conversations and non-elective admissions.

Overall the  there were significant financial savings. The cost of acute activity for these 14 patients was £46,873 in the 6 months of the telehealth installation compared with £61,520 for the prior 6 months.

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