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Sunquest to Commercialize Electronic Patient Flow Management Technology

Sunquest Information Systems today announced the acquisition of innovative electronic patient flow management technology developed by The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust (the Royal). This software application is used with Sunquest Integrated Clinical Environment (ICETM) and allows hospital staff to effectively and efficiently manage bed usage, reduce discharge delays and assist clinical staff with tracking clinical results by patient.

As part of the agreement, Sunquest will market the solution as a value-add module for the ICE platform, which currently provides electronic ordering and results reporting for 50% of NHS Acute Trusts and 75% of General Practitioners in England. The application was developed by members of the Royal’s information management and technology group, with input from the Royal clinicians.

“This acquisition represents a fantastic opportunity for Sunquest and our clients,” said Matt Hawkins, president of Sunquest Information Systems. “Sunquest works with many of the finest healthcare institutions in the world. Occasionally, we see our clients create and implement novel solutions that improve care for patients. The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Trust team of technologists and clinicians collaborated to create this innovative and easy-to-use technology, which will benefit our clients and their patients. We are grateful to acquire this technology and share it broadly with our clients.”

The newly acquired technology is touch-screen-based and enables real-time tracking of patient admissions, discharges and transfers. Rather than rely on traditional whiteboards, staff can quickly and easily locate and track a patient’s location anywhere in the hospital and see the real-time status of relevant key clinical indicators, including bedside observations and an early warning system. The digital dashboard provides overall bed information and a holistic organizational view of wards, specialties and patients. When integrated with Sunquest ICE, staff has expanded access to critical clinical information.

The electronic patient flow management functionality is designed to improve bed efficiencies and reduce length of stays. This is a critical benefit, especially in light of the recent King’s Fund finding that discharge delays were up 15% over the year.

The extended ICE functionality has been well-received by the Royal clinicians and staff since its deployment last year. “Since its implementation the management of the medical intake has significantly improved,” said Dr. Holly Metcalf, a Royal consultant in acute medicine. “The application provides us with a list of medically referred patients – with important information such as their current location, diagnosis, NEWS (National Early Warning Score), and time of referral. This allows us to prioritize sicker patients, and ensure all of our referrals are seen and treated in a timely manner, ultimately optimizing the safety of our patients.”

Sunquest will feature its new Sunquest ICE value-add module at the International Sunquest User Group Conference Oct. 19-20 in London.