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CCG Digital Roadmap Series: an update from 3 CCGs

We spoke with three Clinical Commissioning Groups this week to find out how their digital roadmaps were progressing and what projects they were about to embark on.

Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups

testThe CCG said “To implement the national policy, NHS England asked CCGs to develop local digital roadmaps (LDRs). In Berkshire West, health and social care organisations were already working together to deliver integrated care records and also with our neighbouring LDR in Berkshire East. While we’ve found the LDR process intensive, it has helped us to identify some of the underlying risks to delivering integration, and supported us to agree priorities for investment across the whole health and care system.”

“We’re now working across Berkshire and across our sustainable transformation plan (STP) footprint to deliver digital transformation at scale, and to bring the LDRs for Berkshire West, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire together, taking examples of excellent work in each health economy and rolling them out across the rest of the area. Berkshire West is focusing on working with our integration partners Graphnet and Microsoft’s health team to develop person health records, which support people to stay well and manage long-term conditions with digital support.”

Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group

A spokesperson for Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “The mid Essex healthcare system is in the process of establishing priorities for our Local Digital Roadmap implementation. Part of that work is making sure there is clarity on what resources are already in place so we can address any gaps.

“Key areas of focus for us include improving e-referrals and access to primary care. As work streams are established we anticipate appointing leads who can take the digital roadmap forward.”


Leeds is the agreed footprint for the Local Digital Roadmap, covering the three Leeds NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and the local health and care providers, including all GP practices. The Leeds Local Digital Roadmap describes a 5-year digital vision, a 3-year journey towards becoming paper free at the point of care and 2-year plans for progressing a number of predefined ‘universal capabilities’.

Leeds Local Digital Roadmap can be found here: