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Docman launches innovative healthcare platform

Docman have launched their new cloud based software platform Docman 10.

Docman 10 manages the transfer of care process between clinicians and healthcare organisations and the announcement was made to around 700 delegates at the Conferences coinciding with the first GP Practice site going live with the software.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director at Docman highlighted the direction of travel for the company with Docman 10 being the start of an exciting journey and a platform for the future.

Ric said “We started to design Docman 10 two years ago and we are delighted to announce that the first GP Practice is live! Docman 10 is set to revolutionise the way healthcare professionals manage the transfer of care within and between organisations. We have already had over 800 GP Practices request the Docman 10 migration package and I’m really proud of what we have achieved so far but I’m also really excited about the potential of what Docman 10 means for healthcare professionals in the future.”

“We recognised 2 years ago the direction of travel for healthcare providers and the need for cross organisational collaboration, discussions, communication and the need to share information and data. We worked with our large customer base to develop this platform to meet the challenges and demands of a 21st Century health economy.”

At the conferences Docman also announced an exciting development to Docman Hub, to enable any healthcare provider to now send clinical correspondence to thousands of GP Practices across the country through a managed service. The company showcased Greater Manchester’s achievement of sending over 5 million digital documents to GP Practices and announced Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has digitised the sending of documents from 41 different sources which include discharge summaries, A&E attendance letters, specialist services letters and maternity letters.