Webinar: Insights from the GDE programme

Presenters: Sally Eason, Transformation Partner at NHS Arden & GEM CSU with Professor Robin Williams, Director of the Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation at the University of Edinburgh.

Tuesday 21st January, 11AM

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Topics covered: GDE Programme

Webinar Overview

The Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme aims to accelerate digitisation across the NHS. By investing in selected digitally advanced sites, the ambition is to create a cohort of organisations whose digital maturity is recognised internationally and who are stimulating sharing and learning across the NHS, to promote the value and impact of digitisation on improving care quality and outcomes.

The University of Edinburgh, in partnership with University College London and Arden & GEM CSU, are undertaking a formative evaluation of the GDE programme. This webinar will provide early insights from the evaluation, focusing on:

  • Digital transformation: the challenges and unintended consequences of digital transformation and considerations for the wider NHS on the strategic positioning of digital transformation
  • Spread of learning: how to drive and cultivate a collaborative approach based on how learning has spread across and between GDEs and the Fast Follower community, including what has helped and what has proved challenging
  • Building a learning ‘eco-system’: the lessons for wider learning on digitisation and developing digital maturity across the NHS and the changing definition of ‘digital maturity’.

Intended Audience

Specifically CIOs, CCIOs and digital leads within acute, community, mental health and ambulance trusts and more generally, all those working to advance digital transformation within the NHS.