Artificial intelligence health company adds board member to promote growth

Clinically-led artificial intelligence (AI) company Deontics has announced Nick Beard as a non-executive director.

Beard is a physician and former hospital chief information officer. Over a 30 year career, he has held numerous senior executive positions at leading electronic health records and clinical guidelines companies in both the US and UK.

The company provides pioneering AI technology which acts as a clinical ‘sat nav’ by integrating evidence-based guidelines with individual patient data, providing dynamic, personalised treatment recommendations at the point of care.

“I believe Deontics can become the technology of choice for organisations that work to disseminate clinical best practice in a way that fully leverages the spread of electronic health records,” said Beard. “This position is at the heart of what I have been working on for most of my career. Deontics has the right technology, talent and vision of where the industry needs to go next to deliver personalised, evidence-based care.”

Beard added: “UK and US health industries share the challenge of producing high quality, affordable care. Delivering clinical best practice while managing cost is often seen as a dichotomy. However, by putting evidence-based clinical guidance into the hands of clinicians, costs of care are often lower while outcomes are improved. This is what Deontics can support, for clinicians and patients.”

This appointment is the latest milestone for the company since it spun-out of the University of Oxford, University College London and Cancer Research UK just two years ago. Deontics is already delivering new pathways for large NHS trusts, has built a lung cancer system for a global pharmaceutical company, and is supplying technology to several leading international IT companies.