Secondary Care

North Central London Sustainability and Transformation plan

North Central London provides an update to the development of their Sustainability and Transformation Plan and anticipates being in a position to discuss potential long term solutions from early 2017.

The Update highlighted:

“Information technology needs to better support integrated care. The level of digital maturity of providers across NCL is variable, with most below the national average for digital capabilities, particularly their capability to share information with others. There is no NCL-wide governance structure or leadership team to implement digital transformation, resulting in fragmentation of information flows and duplication of effort.

Digital and information STP requirements have driven the development of the digital vision: digitally activated population; new and enhanced care delivery models; integrated digital record access and management; insights driven learning health system; workforce integration and enablement; whole system digital delivery model; standards and compliance. These elements have been mapped against each of the STP workstreams. The capabilities required to deliver each theme are included in the local digital roadmap, phased by strategic priority, and based on NCL’s current digital landscape and the state of readiness to move towards whole system digital transformation. Digital technologies could play a major role in encouraging behaviour change and self-care. Building on digital excellence and ambition of NCL local authorities, there is the potential to harness big data and analytics across the system to support primary and secondary prevention.”

The STP can be found here: North Central London Sustainability and Transformation plan