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Nuffield Health chooses Lumeon’s Care Pathway Manager

Lumeon has announced that Nuffield Health has deployed Lumeon’s Care Pathway Manager to manage its administrative care pathways, including booking, patient communications, management and billing, across 258 sites.

Nuffield Health’s vision is to deliver a transformative customer experience across a broad range of healthcare services. The company was challenged by a legacy system that couldn’t manage the massive data volumes coming in as the organisation scaled. It also knew it couldn’t employ additional workforce to stay on top of the processes. To help achieve its vision and prepare for future growth, Nuffield Health deployed Lumeon to automate administrative tasks and improve processes including scheduling appointments, automating patient communications, and managing billing.

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Manager provides a single, real-time view of the entire patient journey from referral to outcome. It seamlessly integrates clinical and administrative systems, and gives providers the ability to design and automate their own pathway rules, so that each patient is automatically progressed through their personal care journey based on their individual data.

Jonathan Byrd, Operations Director for Clinical Services at Nuffield Health says, “Our mission is to deliver exceptional care and innovative services to our customers and Lumeon allows us to focus on those efforts. By selecting Lumeon, we’ve found a business partner who can manage our needs today whilst scaling for our future growth.”

Robbie Hughes, CEO, Lumeon, said, “Nuffield Health is the latest leading healthcare provider who has selected us for the ability to manage their business at scale. With the addition of Nuffield Health, we are working with seven of the 10 largest commercial healthcare providers in the UK to deliver better outcomes at reduced costs. We look forward to working with Nuffield Health to help transform their business.”