App launched to support physical and mental health

The Happy by Medelinked app is a new free way for people to look after their mental wellbeing by recording how they are feeling throughout the day and to see their happiness progress over time.

Using simple graphics and tick boxes people can record if they are `happy`, `content` or `unhappy` to track their moods day-by-day. They can also take photos to start building their personal Happy Wall to remind them of their happy moments and then choose to share their happy moments with others on the Medelinked Global Happy Wall.

The Happy by Medelinked app is designed to enable people to be more aware of their mood and of the present moment, including their thoughts and feelings, as well as their body and the world around them. This awareness or `mindfulness` can positively change the way individuals feel about life and how they approach challenges

The app has been developed as part of Medelinked, the simple way for the individual to manage their personal health and connect with the healthcare community around them through a free health account. Medelinked features free access to a Talk to a Doctor service should the individual want to quickly discuss their level of happiness with a healthcare professional.