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Interview: Sai Lakshmi, Echo

We spoke with Sai Lakshimi CEO and co-founder of Echo shortly after winning Best Health Tech Start-up in the Tech City News Awards.

Echo is a simple free service that delivers medicine to your door and reminds you when and how to take it. Echo allows its users to make medication requests through the app which are sent to their existing NHS GP for approval and once approved are dispatched.The platform alerts users when to take their medication and provides patients with a platform to support them manage their health. In an Uber style way the service takes a small percentage of the order and helps solve a problem for millions of patients who forget to reorder their medications.

Sai said “I didn’t manage my repeat prescriptions in the right way and that was similar with my co-founder Stephen. For a long time we had seen start-ups across travel and banking and we knew health was behind. My family are clinicians and we came up with the idea and started to research systems and processes and Echo was shortly born.”

We launched Echo in June 2015 and the platform now has a few thousand users. Going forward, our aim is to become the only platform that a patient needs to manage their health. We will be rolling out a number of new features and services to improve the platform over the next year. One of these improvements will be for enhanced condition management.”

The company is growing and we’re really passionate about usability and delivering the best experience for our consumers.

The next 12 months brings an exciting development pathway to further advance the platform and there’s an exciting roadmap ahead.”

–          Thank you to Sai for taking the time to speak with us.