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Interview: Inhealthcare CEO Bryn Sage

As our interview series draws to a close, we’re here with one more, with Bryn Sage, CEO of Inhealthcare:

What does Inhealthcare do?
Inhealthcare is a digital health specialist working with the NHS and private sector health organisations to digitise care. Founded in 2012, Inhealthcare has created a multi-million pound digital infrastructure which supports remote home monitoring for the entire UK population. We reduce pressures on clinics by removing the need for tens of thousands of routine and unnecessary outpatient appointments every year. The potential to transform the NHS is enormous.

Who are you working with and what benefits do they receive?
We are working with hospitals, care homes and GP practices and federations across the UK. Areas we cover include Durham, Darlington, Leeds, Northern Ireland, Sheffield, Wigan, Ilkley, the Isle of Wight, Bracknell and Ascot, Wakefield and Doncaster. We offer patients in these areas access to safe and secure home monitoring for a range of long term conditions – see list below.

What NHS initiatives does your platform support and how?
We have a range of tried and tested digital services and we enable clinicians to build their own services for any area of care. Our existing services cover a range of long term conditions including atrial fibrillation, diabetes, hypertension, undernutrition, obesity and COPD. Patients relay readings back to their healthcare professional via either a smartphone app, an email or an automated telephone call. New dosage instructions are then relayed back to the patient, without the need for the patient to attend an appointment. If readings fall outside of set parameters, alerts are set for clinical follow up.

What systems do you integrate with?
We have open APIs so our platform can integrate with any existing and future technologies. The platform can integrate clinically approved third party apps, giving new innovations an open door into the NHS infrastructure

Why is your digital technology important for the NHS?
Inhealthcare’s technology improves health outcomes for the British public and reduces pressure on the NHS by freeing up time and resources for frontline staff.

– Thanks to Bryn Sage for taking the time to answer our questions.