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McKesson announces its support for peer feedback learning and peer review with Conserus Workflow Intelligence

McKesson has announced its support for peer feedback learning and peer review with Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ its vendor-neutral workflow orchestration solution that manages quality and interpretation workflows.

Following the recent calls for peer review and digital feedback learning, McKesson presents Conserus Workflow Intelligence, a fully integrated, vendor-neutral solution. Its intelligent rules engine integrates peer review into a radiologist’s daily practice, and supports a truly educational process by assigning studies that are timely, appropriate and blinded. Each step in the process is automatically documented and the data is available to educate and drive continuous improvement.

“Peer feedback learning and peer review are increasingly being recognised as keys to improving patient care, minimising patient harm, sharing learning from discrepancies, and improving departmental quality assurance,” comments David Howard, Conserus Product Executive, McKesson.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence works within the existing IT environment to help improve resource utilisation and quality. It offers closed loop communications and a deep understanding of the diagnostic imaging space – from the specifics of radiology and cardiology workflows to data sharing and interoperability. Ultimately, Conserus Workflow Intelligence helps provide clinicians with what they need ‑ the right, relevant patient data at the right time – whilst supporting the best practice principles of the Royal College of Radiologists.