NHS England supports development of IT solutions for personalised care

To support the continued expansion of Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) and the wider personalisation agenda, NHS England is leading a process on behalf of and with CCGs to ensure that IT solutions supporting the rollout of IPC and personal health budgets (PHBs) are high quality and represent value for money.

As the first stage in the process, NHS England has published a set of requirements for these IT solutions, following engagement with CCGs, local authorities and other local partners, and with people with experience of personalised care. The requirements are intended to be used by IT suppliers to develop appropriate solutions that support more personalised approaches to care.

IT suppliers are invited to respond to the requirements by completing the response form on the NHS England procurement portal, setting out:

  • A short explanation of the IT solution(s) on offer
  • For each core requirement, how this is met
  • For each area of additional requirements the solution(s) provides, how the requirements are met, partially met or not met
  • A brief explanation of the commercial model employed or proposed in relation to the IT solution(s)
  • Any additional information on value-add services provided over and above the core and additional requirements.

The deadline for responses is Friday 7 April 2017.

NHS England’s intention is to publish an initial list of IT solutions that are compliant with the requirements. This list will help commissioners in health and social care to assess the most appropriate IT solution for their circumstances, and the requirements can also form a basis for a local functional specification.