Free App helps patients cure leg ulcer

A free App has been released to help patients suffering from leg ulcers. The Leg Ulcer Charity has teamed up with Medopad to develop an App that allows patients or their carers to track the progress and treatment of the leg ulcer. The patient or their carer uploads information regularly, whenever they wish. Information gathered includes how the patient feels, what medications they are taking, pain in the ulcer, whether it is improving or not.

Any new medications or dressings can be added at any time. Photographs of the leg ulcer can be taken and stored to show if there has been any improvement or healing.

In addition, Medopad has some innovative designs as to how this medical record can then be used and essentially the patient or carer becomes the custodian of their own medical record. The patient can then share their record with any doctor, nurse or another healthcare professional that they wish.

By giving permission via the App, the patient can allow any healthcare professional to view their records to check that the right tests have been done, the right treatment is being given and that the results are as would be expected. In addition, the app also contains information about leg ulcers and also a link where advice can be asked directly from the Leg Ulcer Charity.

By controlling their own patient record, sharing it with health professionals of their choice, and having access to online advice from the Leg Ulcer Charity, leg ulcer patients and their carers can ensure that they are getting the very latest advice with regards investigations and cures for leg ulcers.

FREE Medopad Leg Ulcer App: