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ReStart selected for Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Integration Engine

ReStart Consulting has announced that Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has selected ReStart’s monitoring and environment support for its Trust Integration Engine (TIE).

ReStart has been selected for both monitoring and further development work as an investment into Moorfield’s interoperability roadmap to improve data quality, patient experience and easy access to clinical information for care providers. The implementation of new interfaces will provide the framework and tools to assist in the Trust’s transition towards paper light.

Moorfields uses a Rhapsody Integration Engine from Orion Health to connect its SilverLink Patient Administration System (PAS) with a small number of other clinical and administrative systems.  However, there are a number of systems which bypass the TIE and have direct point-to-point connections to the PAS, either via messaging, database links or other non-standard connection methods.

A more integrated and consistent solution was required to meet the anticipated needs of Moorfields as a world-leading ophthalmic clinical, research and educational organisation. These include support for paperless clinical records and deployment of the OpenEyes Ophthalmic Electronic Medical Record which will help improve quality of care for patients and support administration and operational efficiencies.  

Elisa Steele, chief information officer at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “ReStart presented an excellent proposal to Moorfields, which demonstrated very clear specialist expertise and experience in interface development and delivery of a robust managed service. This is crucial to our ability to meet the national, STP (Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships) and internal interoperability agenda, and drive forward our ambition to further develop OpenEyes and meet the 2020 paperless target. I am delighted that we now have a clear interface strategy and partnership arrangement with ReStart and Orion to ensure that we meet this target and deliver a solution which will be of benefit to our patients.”

ReStart, through their framework partner Insight, will provide a 24/7 fully managed support service for the TIE from 1st April 2017, and will develop replacements for the non-standard interfaces between existing clinical and administrative systems operating in Moorfields.  ReStart’s interoperability specialists will also work with Moorfields’ in-house team to develop new interfaces as new systems are brought on stream.

Mike Symers, Managing Director of ReStart said: “Moorfields has a vision for how it sees its care services extending into the future and interoperability of disparate systems is at the heart of that view.  ReStart has a proven pedigree with over 60 hospitals and care settings using our 24/7 support and TIE monitoring service, and thousands of clinicians daily referencing patient information that has been made available through our interoperability knowledge and systems. “

Mike added; “ReStart also has several technical coders with specific Rhapsody knowledge on staff so linking the various systems together for them is pretty straightforward.”