Secondary Care

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals expands use of Harris Healthcare

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals (LTH) is now fully relying on the Harris Healthcare Electronic Health Record (EHR) QCPR as their enterprise-wide system of record.

Harris Healthcare’s QCPR integrates all aspects of patient care into a single, confidential, computer-based patient record, reducing errors and improving work flow processes throughout the organisation. The Integrated Medication Management module within QCPR improves patient safety, provider efficiency, and cost-containment by streamlining the entire medication delivery process. Dynamic clinical decision support and a robust drug knowledge vendor reference software help prevent errors and adverse medication events by providing checks and critical information to ensure the appropriateness of medications ordered.Harris Healthcare also integrated LTHs’ patient monitoring solution

Harris Healthcare also integrated LTHs’ patient monitoring solution (Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd) with the patient’s EHR enabling real-time upload of the patient’s vital signs into the record. The data captured is used to calculate the National Early Warning Score whiteboard report to assess and respond to acute illnesses, as recommended by the Royal College of Physicians. Automatic input of this critical data into the patient’s health record eliminates data transcription errors and enhances LTHs’ reporting capabilities.

LTHs’ Chief Clinical Information Officer, Nick Wood, said, “We have had a great collaboration with Harris Healthcare’s clinical and technical teams to examine and evaluate our hospital workflow processes so that we not only improve the patient care experience, but streamline our clinical practices. By eliminating manual entries, our nurses can spend more quality time with patients and are made aware of critical changes in the patient’s status. The early warning score data will allow LTHs’ Critical Care Unit outreach team to be alerted and subsequently tend to patients’ urgent needs faster.”