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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust set to trial secure video messaging

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is set to run a trial of secure video messaging to keep parents of premature babies updated on their baby’s progress when they are away from hospital.

The Leeds Centre for Newborn Care is one of the largest neonatal services in the UK, providing specialist baby care to around 1,800 babies each year, many of whom need intensive care or surgery.

Following onsite training, provided by vCreate, nursing staff will now use the video platform to send non-clinically sensitive video updates to parents, so that they can stay connected with their baby’s progress.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals are the first in England to embrace secure video messaging to provide more support to parents.

One key challenge that many parents of premature baby’s face is that they may live a considerable distance from the hospital. As a result, being at the Unit as often as they’d like can be difficult. During their baby’s stay in the Unit, many parents also need to continue their work and care for other members of their family too. This can be an extremely stressful time for mums and dads who would really value being able to see their baby’s progress.