NHS Digital launches interactive tool

A new interactive dashboard is set to provide new insight into cervical screening coverage to help GPs and health organisations improve cervical screening rates.

It is hoped that the interactive dashboard will help identify areas where screening levels could be improved and encourage work to boost coverage.

The dashboard will provide more detailed and timely information about cervical screening and will help Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), GP practices and local authorities to improve coverage rates for the potentially lifesaving test, which are currently falling.


NHS Digital, Public Health England (PHE) and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust have collaborated on the initiative, which aims to provide easier access to the latest data about cervical screening3. This is part of a PHE-led project to empower GP practices and CCGs to improve cervical screening attendance and coverage rates.

Cervical screening coverage in England has decreased for the second consecutive year, most recent annual figures, previously published by NHS Digital.

The dashboard, which is being unveiled during Cervical Screening Awareness Week, includes data by local authority, and – for the first time – CCG and GP practice. It will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Pritpal Rayat, Analytical Section Head and Responsible Statistician for Screening and Immunisations at NHS Digital, said: “The new dashboard will make more timely information available about this important area in greater detail than ever before.

“We hope this useful online resource will help support and empower GP practices, local authorities and CCGs to improve cervical screening attendance and coverage, thus ensuring more of those at risk of cervical cancer are diagnosed as early as possible.

“The development of this dashboard is a great example of good practice in collaborative working on a high-profile, sensitive area between organisations with a shared interest – NHS Digital, Public Health England and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.”