London Borough of Barnet signs up to telecare services

The London Borough of Barnet has signed a contract with the PA Consulting Group-led Argenti Care Technology Partnership (Argenti) to deliver care technology services across the borough for up to five years from April 2017.

Argenti provides innovative telecare services to support vulnerable people so that they can stay in their own homes longer, reducing pressure on social care and hospitals. Argenti’s service uses wireless personal and environmental sensors to provide 24 hour monitoring so that if the user has a problem, such as a fall, the right help can be provided immediately. This care technology can dramatically reduce the risk of long-term harm, improve users’ quality of life and provide reassurance for relatives and carers. In addition, the team will introduce the latest technologies and applications to Barnet to effectively support individuals with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and other complex conditions.

The PA-led Argenti Partnership has been working with Hampshire County Council since 2013 where, by the end of the 3rd year of the contract, 6200 people were receiving care technology as part of their care package. The service has been highly successful with 98% of users saying they would recommend the service. The service has also delivered a net saving of £4.7m to the council.

Dawn Wakeling, Strategic Director for Adults, Communities and Health, said: “Better care technology services will support local residents to live independently. Our new service will enable people to stay part of their community and provide safe and effective support.”

Cllr Sachin Rajpu, Chairman of Barnet’s Adults and Safeguarding Committee added: “We are committed as a Council to embrace modern technology to best support our residents. We believe that many thousands of Barnet citizens will benefit from the reassurance of knowing that help will be on hand if they need it and the Council will offer telecare to everyone who could benefit from it, if they have an assessed social care need.”