Evergreen Life App surpasses 250,000 users

Evergreen Life, the App that allows people to manage their health and wellness by placing their personal health record at their fingertips, has surpassed 250,000 users.

It is the first app to satisfy the assessment criteria on the NHS Apps Library that offers patient-facing services across all three major GP systems in England, giving 99% of the population (55 million people) access to their GP electronic medical records.

With the UK digital health market expected to be worth almost £3bn by 2018, the NHS Digital Apps Library was launched in April 2017 to include a selection of digital tools and applications for people to better manage their healthcare.

Evergreen Life is a personal health app that allows users to not only access and download their GP medical record, but to add their own data so they have a full picture of their health. The app allows people to bring together all their medical and health information in one place and share it with medical professionals, carers and loved ones. People can book GP appointments; order repeat prescriptions; and view test results, all using online GP services. Users of the app have successfully conducted over 5 million of these transactions to-date.

Stephen Critchlow, Founder and Chairman of Evergreen Life, highlighted the significance of the milestone: “It’s fantastic to have a quarter of a million users so quickly, following our integration with NHS Digital. Our app is built upon one clear idea: ‘people powered health’. We allow people to own all their health information, giving them control and the ability to make informed decisions about their own healthcare. The app allows people to monitor their health and fitness; record allergies, medications and their medical history; and record medical documents and letters, for reference by both the user and their GP or relevant practitioner.

“We already have fantastic examples of Evergreen Life users taking control of their health. One lady used her phone to brief a meeting of seven clinicians, none of whom had access to all of her up to date records. The ability to have all personal health record information accessible at all times is changing healthcare. No worries when traveling and no more wasted appointments when a record is incomplete.”

Hazel Jones, Programme Director of Apps and Wearables at NHS Digital, said: “Our ambition to provide greater digital choice for patients, citizens and clinicians has moved forward significantly with the introduction of key mobile apps and tools such as Evergreen. Tapping into digital tools created in the marketplace and applying the NHS Digital Assessment process means we can select the right tools to accelerate the delivery of a meaningful digital experience; all accessible via our NHS Apps Library. Our strategy is firmly fixed on enabling market innovation, and Evergreen Life is a perfect example of that. “

Evergreen Life meets NHS quality standards for clinical effectiveness, safety and usability to support patient outcomes. It is available via Apple, Android and online desktop platforms. Evergreen Life is part of the UK social impact company Evergreen Group, which also includes sustainable energy companies Evergreen Energy and Evergreen Smart Power.