Servelec HSC has launched a new app suite

Servelec HSC has launched a new mobile app suite to support the mobilisation of healthcare practitioners.

Servelec’s RiO mobile apps suite provides users with immediate access to relevant clinical and patient information at their fingertips. With the increasing adoption of smartphone technology in the workplace, RiO mobile presents real opportunities to transform clinical practice and change the way healthcare is delivered. Utilising integrated features already on the smartphone, such as voice recognition, camera, GPS, they enable efficient communication and support faster and improved decision making right at the point of care.

Alan Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer at Servelec HSC, said: “At Servelec, we are in no doubt that modern mobile technology is the future of effective care delivery for healthcare services. RiO mobile apps are designed to support our customers in the NHS to work more efficiently and effectively, wherever they are. Having a modern, agile mobile solution helps frontline staff feel more empowered, giving them more control and transparency over their day to day tasks. Furthermore, users can enjoy the convenience of having the relevant information they need for their role, and their patients or service users, at their fingertips.

Our first mobile app solution, which is available now, has been tailored for District Nurses. The app empowers each nurse to become an ‘e-District Nurse’, providing them with the tools and resources to make the best use of technology and support them in delivering a higher standard of care to their patients, wherever they may be in the community.”