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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust NICU uses video updates to connect parents and babies

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) has celebrated the official launch of vCreate, a web-based application that lets nurses record video updates for parents when they are not able to be by their baby’s cot side.

Video workshops were laid on by the technology provider, vCreate, and the Family Integrated Care team. These sessions gave parents keen to start receiving video updates of their baby’s progress an opportunity to sign up for their own account, ask questions and experience the service.

The nursing team plan to use secure video messaging from today to ensure that parents of premature babies don’t miss out on any special moments in their baby’s care journey, as well as ensuring that the wider family unit feels more involved in the care of their own baby. One of the many problems that parents of premature babies face is separation anxiety, especially when they need to go home to care for older siblings and are not able to be with their baby. This new technology aims to help parents stay connected through video updates recorded by nurses in the neonatal unit.

It is expected that secure video messaging will further support the unit’s pioneering Family Integrated Care approach; Dr Liz McKechnie, Consultant Neonatologist at LTHT, said: “Video messaging will provide a real confidence boost for parents; when they are not able to be in the unit, they can look at video updates and see all is well. It will also ensure that parents don’t miss out on special moments – they can feel like they are there in the moment.”

The application allows parents to chart their child’s journey to recovery through secure baby-care video diary. Once the child has been discharged, parents can download and keep all video clips of their baby, which, parents already using the system, say, has helped them to come to terms with the experience of having a baby born prematurely.