Secondary Care

Leeds Teaching Hospitals chooses Zebra Technologies for GS1

Zebra Technologies is supporting Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS FT by providing their Zebra HC100 printers and Z-Band™ Ultrasoft wristbands as the core of its Scan4Safety program. The project aimed to improve patient safety and hospital administration through better use of barcode technology with methods derived from the aerospace and retail industries.

Scan4Safety is a barcode identification program that enables staff to track each patient through their hospital journey from admission to discharge. The resulting actionable insights enable hospitals to significantly enhance the quality of patient care, reduce unnecessary waste, and improve medical stock management. Scanning wristbands at each point of care, the hospital can better ensure patients receive the right treatment, reducing errors and delays.

Other Trusts including Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust, North Tees and Salisbury have either deployed or are trialling the Zebra solution. Early results from the six pilot projects show that Scan4Safety has the potential to save lives as well as save NHS up to £1 billion over seven years.

Mark Songhurst, Information Analyst, Leeds Teaching Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Trust “The Scan4Safety program is a perfect example of where deploying the right solution has a real, positive impact on the experience of both patients and staff. The key to the success of Scan4Safety program has been the interaction with our suppliers and technology providers. Working with the market we have been able to achieve change in a very limited timeline.”

Wayne Miller, Healthcare Director EMEA, Zebra Technologies “Improving healthcare procedures through better technology and alignment to global standards is an important task that can save lives and drive significant cost savings. Zebra’s products are optimized to work together for ease of deployment and use. Following our success with the LTHT, we are pleased to note that Zebra now has technology present in every NHS Scan4Safety Foundation Flagship Trust.

LTHT 17,000 staff are using more than 250,000 wristbands each year across seven hospitals.