NHS Digital and techUk partnership to focus on 6 key themes

NHS Digital and techUK have outlined their view on the future challenges they need to tackle to accelerate their partnership and they have agreed six main areas to focus on in 2018. These include working with small and medium enterprises so that they might share in NHS and social care business and continuing to increase interoperability in the sector, building flexibility into technology from the outset.

Other areas of interest include horizon scanning for innovative technologies, supporting the security operation centre procurement to help build on current cyber security work and carrying out a strategic review of NHS Digital’s digital transformation programme.

James Hawkins, Director of Programmes at NHS Digital said: “The years ahead promise many exciting opportunities to advance technology in the NHS, working closely in partnership with industry. By setting out our priorities, we have created a blueprint for success in the years to come.”

Julian David, Chief Executive Officer for techUK said: “Our partnership with NHS Digital has already achieved so much, with 25 market engagements, seven consultations, and over 1,500 delegates through the door, but this is only the start. Now that we have seen a shift towards a more transparent and collaborative way of working with industry, we look forward to deepening that engagement, working together to deliver better health and care outcomes for the whole country.”

Set up towards the end of 2016, the partnership sought to bring suppliers and the NHS together to tackle the challenges and opportunities that the Government’s digital transformation programme for health and social care presents, so that industry could help influence and create the new technologies that will drive innovation.

An annual review of the partnership’s achievements was completed in November 2017. Successes noted in the review included a number of market engagement events and consultations. These engagements have given industry a clear voice in the public health sector and enabled NHS Digital to benefit from the knowledge and experience that suppliers have to offer, earlier in the process.