HTN March 2018 Newsletter

In March we announced a new podcast series has been launched to share innovations in primary care.

We covered an opinion piece from Orlando Agrippa, CEO, Draper and Dash: Are you provisioning for the Cloud? We announced 9 new categories in the HTN Awards 2018 including user-led innovation, information and data security and software ease of use.

NHS England announced £10million has been invested in practices to support eReferral roll-out. 

We featured an interview on GDPR from Highland Marketing and announced Virgin Care sites had picked Lexacom digital dictation.

NHS Informatics Merseyside is innovating its services with Sunrise Software and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals has deployed MAXIMS.

We covered ANS Group’s announcement of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust using their services. 

NHS Digital called for more data to be added to breast implant registry and over 500 researchers granted access to the Genomics England Research Environment.

One of our most-read stories of the month, NHS staff punished as 500,000 rely on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other apps.

HTN announced new regional portal across North of Scotland and surgeons have trialed new technology in fight against liver cancer. 

A new report highlighted nearly 60% of people are worried about their data being used by mobile apps. 

We featured a piece where patient lives have been transformed through an AI tele-pharmacy app and an app has supported Mums-to-be who can go with the Flo to keep on top of their health 

PRSB announced a new standard to support people with long-term patients.

HTN covered a piece where Junior doctors have launched an app to improve communication.

Out story for Mother’s Day we covered the innovation from Amazon Alexa to support new mums to breastfeed.

Software is benefiting North West London residents saving time with the click of a button and NHS England announced its digital roadmap: empower the person.

Finally, we covered a story where Uber is being utilised in USA to include integration with many hospital systems. 

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