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Carelink migrates customers to HSCN

Carelink, the UK healthcare managed infrastructure and network services business has successfully migrated to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), the replacement network for N3.

The migration to HSCN involved seventy of their customer organisations. Carelink was one of the first wave of suppliers to achieve HSCN Stage 2 compliance to become a Consumer Network Services Provider (CNSP) in February this year.

Darren Turner, General Manager at Carelink, said: “We’ve spent the last 12 months working towards HSCN compliance stages 1 and 2 and gaining access to the HSCN procurement framework so we’re thrilled to see our efforts come to fruition. With over 20 years’ in the healthcare sector, we have grown a loyal and supportive customer base – many of whom have followed us on our journey from NHSnet to N3 and now HSCN. We’re therefore pleased to ensure that our customers are some of the industry’s first providers to gain access to HSCN and the associated benefits of improved service delivery and network performance.”

Michael Bowyer, industry lead for the creation of the Obligations Framework for HSCN and Chairman at Innopsis, said: “It’s great to see HSCN become a reality for end users – the health and social care organisations – and encouraging to see companies like Carelink embrace the transition away from N3. There have been some misconceptions that the migration process would be complex or painful but Carelink has proved that need not be the case.”

“We’ve long held the view that smaller businesses are more flexible and agile in driving NHS innovation – the reason for the birth of HSCN in the first place – Carelink has shown that to be true. The enthusiasm to embrace the new network from both a supplier and end user perspective can only be applauded.”