Secondary Care

Researchers from University of Edinburgh to assess Global Digital Exemplar programme

The University of Edinburgh, Harvard Medical School, University College London, and NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit will evaluate the NHS Global Digital Exemplar scheme.

The group will undertake in-depth investigations into 12 selected sites and conduct a mix of formative and summative evaluation of the GDE programme and the Fast Follower sites as well.

The four year evaluation will provide independent feedback to support the efforts of leading English hospital Trusts to achieve international best practice in digital health. Through engaging with NHS staff, as well as international centres of excellence, and providing formative feedback to policy makers and managers, the team aim to help ensure that the GDE Programme will achieve the potential significant benefits associated with health information technology.

John Parkes, Managing Director at Arden & GEM, said: “Supporting exceptional care through digital technology is at the heart of the Global Digital Exemplar programme. This evaluation will make an important contribution to accelerating wider digitisation across the NHS.”