Secondary Care

Walsall Healthcare adopts Totalmobile to reduce admissions

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is set for productivity improvements and cost savings through the adoption of mobile working solutions provided by Totalmobile within its community nursing team.

The new system incorporates the capture of referral and contact information, dynamically schedules appointments, and allows visit information to be immediately inputted on to the system via tablet devices.

To date, although the new system is only recently deployed, the Trust says that outcomes have been ground-breaking for patients, with adult community nursing teams now able to access patient information at the point of care, complete personalised care plans, and obtain signatures – initiating treatment from the outset and reducing administration.

Mark Taylor, Assistant Director of IT Services from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust says: “Our ultimate goal is to facilitate more efficient contact time with patients which enables staff to complete more visits per day, and this is something that we are already seeing. We are still in early deployment of the new system, but there is a strong expectation that we will also see a reduction in acute admissions and re-admissions, resulting in reduced waiting times and considerable savings for the Trust.”

Jim Darragh, Chief Executive Office of Totalmobile, says: “We have worked collaboratively with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust to develop a mobile working solution to transform the delivery of patient care and provide a service that is focused around the patient. Totalmobile’s health  solution was identified as being the mobile solution that would meet and exceed the needs of the Trust and enable them to meet their strategic care at home objectives.”