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Sensyne Health signs agreement with Oxford University Hospitals

Sensyne Health a British clinical AI technology company, has announced that it has signed a Strategic Research Agreement (SRA) with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH), under which they will expand their collaboration to include the analysis of anonymised genetic data using Sensyne Health clinical artificial intelligence technology to improve patient care and accelerate medical research.

This agreement builds on an existing relationship with OUH and the University of Oxford signed in July 2017. Under the new agreement announced today, Sensyne Health will work with the Trust to analyse consented and anonymised genetic data, comprising diagnostic genetic tests and whole genome sequences. The agreement covers data that has been generated by the Trust over the past five years as well as data that will be generated over the next 10 years.

In addition Sensyne Health will collaborate with the Trust in developing  a proposal to use genomic medicine, including whole genome sequencing, which when mobilised could be part of the standard pathway of care for NHS patients of the Trust in future. The purpose of this research is to use clinical AI to analyse the growing set of genotypic and phenotypic clinical data generated by the Trust that is highly valuable for medical research and the development of potential new treatments.

Under this new agreement, OUH receives an additional £5m in equity in Sensyne Health, and will also benefit from royalties that arise from any discoveries, for reinvestment back into the Trust to benefit patients.

Dr Bruno Holthof, CEO, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, commented: “Oxford University Hospitals is one of the digital centres of excellence in the NHS. Because of our digital investments, we now have a unique database that will grow in size over time and this Strategic Research Agreement will allow us to find new ways of treating our patients.”

Lord (Paul) Drayson, CEO of Sensyne Health, commented: “Sensyne Health is developing, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and with Oxford University Hospitals, world-leading capability in the use of clinical AI to analyse anonymised patient data. This new agreement, enabling the analysis of linked genotypic and phenotypic data, will further enhance our ability to make new discoveries and develop new treatments.”