Digital maternity notes at Epsom and St Helier

Pregnant women being cared for by Epsom and St Helier hospitals are now able to access all of their maternity medical notes, including details of any blood test results and reminders about their appointments (and soon, their scan reports), through a secure digital record that is available as an app.

The new digital maternity notes system, which is known as BadgerNet, is available both as a secure online portal and the ‘Maternity Notes’ app, which allow both healthcare professionals and pregnant women to access the necessary clinical information they require from anywhere there is internet  coverage – and all at the touch of a button.

This is a great stride forwards in our maternity care for a number of reasons:

  • BadgerNet’s maternity notes will replace our old paper handheld notes, meaning that notes are easier to access and transport and can be kept more secure
  • Information can be shared with users directly from the maternity system
  • Records can be easily updated at each maternity visit or appointment
  • Midwives do not have to double enter data onto paper handheld notes as well as our electronic systems
  • Only those with the correct login details are able to access the notes
  • Significantly less paper is used, reducing unnecessary waste and the impact it has on the environment.

Pregnant women are also welcome to add information so that the healthcare professionals supporting their pregnancy can be made aware of any preferences regarding their birth plan. Soon it will also be possible to add information about allergies and other relevant health issues prior to booking.

Director of Midwifery and Gynaecology Nursing Marion Louki said: “The introduction of digital notes is a step forward for our Trust in a number of different ways. A secure login for access ensures peace of mind for mothers, as only the mothers themselves or qualified healthcare professionals are able to read their record. Maternity notes will not need to be carried – preventing them getting lost – and the new digital format provides easy access for mothers wherever they might be; even if they are in another country, all that is required is a connection and login. This is a great development for our Trust and I am so pleased to be able to provide this service for expectant mothers who choose to come to our hospitals for the birth of their babies. BadgerNet should make life easier for both mothers and healthcare workers; bringing our maternity services forward into the 21st century and enhancing accessibility and data security.”