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HTN 100: Innovative treatment for depression and MYHEALTH@QEHB

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Innovative treatment for depression

Alex O’Neill-Kerr, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust “The Trust delivers new, innovative neuromodulation solutions to treat treatment resistant depression. Primarily using rTMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) the Centre achieves 47% remission rates where antidepressants and psychological treatments have failed. The technology uses powerful magnetic energy of 1.5 Tesla, focused on a small area to stimulate the brain. Using inhibitory and excitatory pulses rTMS can resolve depressive and anxiety symptoms in patients and can offer a choice other than ECT. The technology is non invasive, does not require an anaesthetic and has few side effects compared to traditional treatments like antidepressants.”




Over the past 20 years, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has developed one of the most sophisticated health informatics capabilities in the world, the only secondary care informatics system created and controlled by the NHS.

This includes the pioneering and award-winning portal, MyHealth@QEHB, which allows patients to access their own health records.  This is especially useful to patients with chronic illnesses as the portal helps them to manage their conditions without repeated visits to hospital.  UHB is also working on adding video functionality to the portal with a view to offering video clinics in the near future.


Sponsored by CCube Solutions

Designed and built with NHS practitioners using Microsoft’s latest technologies, CCube’s award-winning solutions deliver electronic health records to clinicians, secretaries and administrators in the format they require, when and where they are needed. With a proven track record of project success and expertise working with the NHS over 17 years, providing cost effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet individual requirements, its software suite is used in over 28 NHS organisations around the UK

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