HTN 100

HTN 100: Lincolnshire Community Health and Therapy Box

Lincolnshire Community Health

Sarah Lockwood, Senior Project Manager, Lincolnshire Community Services NHS Trust “Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust is piloting this innovative approach within our Clinical Assessment Service but also plans to expand to the care homes within Lincolnshire.”

“Professional clinical advice coupled with e-consultations allows for a robust see, hear and treat model of care. The telehealth solution, accessible via an app, will give our clinicians the ability to convert telephony triage into an e-consultation to best support the patient.”

“Benefits of this are to provide specialist support for our care homes, reduce ambulance conveyances and hospital admissions. The potential for this innovation is far reaching and is scalable for other clinical services.”


Therapy Box

Rebecca Bright, Co-founder, Therapy Box ‘VocaTempo allows people with cerebral palsy to communicate using their own voice! After training the app to recognise their unique vocal patterns, they can set up conversations or questions that the synthetic voice on their iPad or tablet will say. This empowers the people using the app and helps them be understood by unfamiliar people. Funded by SBRI Healthcare, the app has been co-designed with children and young people who need voice output communication aids around the country.’



HTN 100 is a 100 word challenge to help share health tech projects and learnings. In 100 words we want to hear about the technology you are using, the benefits, successes and tips. HTN 100 will be published every Friday!

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