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HTN 100: Arden & GEM CSU and NHS England Specialised Services, Health guidance app and ZoomDoc

Arden & GEM CSU and NHS England Specialised Services

The elimination of hepatitis C is a worldwide aspiration and one that the NHS hopes to achieve in England by 2025. In order to achieve this objective, accurate information about patients with the disease and the effectiveness of treatments is needed.

Arden & GEM”s business intelligence team has developed a patient registry and treatment outcome system to improve the quality of data analysis. Collecting information from more than 120 Trusts, the application is pivotal in supporting the interaction of all agencies involved in the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and cure of patients with hepatitis C in England.

The only one of its kind in the world, the registry is helping to enable effective expenditure planning, inform the creation of new clinical service models and to maximise effectiveness of treatment.

Health guidance app

CATCH is an award-winning mobile app providing reliable health guidance for anyone caring for children aged 0-5. It eases the sense of information overload which parents and carers can experience during pregnancy and a childs early years. CATCH makes it easier to decide whether self-care is appropriate or if medical attention is necessary.

All of the information in the app is reviewed and validated by local doctors in each of the areas where CATCH is available. Trusted health advice is tailored to the child”s age, offering notifications and updates most relevant to their stage of development.

ZoomDoc has launched an updated version of the GP app

Through the updated iOS and new Android app, the 24/7 ZoomDoc service allows patients to request a GP to arrive at any given location. A registered NHS-qualified GP then calls back within one minute for a pre-visit consultation, and if required or requested, fulfills a GP visit within 60 minutes.

The interface on the app features a map showing where GPs are based in the patient’s vicinity. The patient can then select a local GP for instant telephone or video consultations and/or a home visit. Appointments start at £35 for a telemedicine consultation and home visits from £125 for up to 25 minutes.

Once a home visit has been accepted, the patient will see their GP travelling to their destination in an ‘uber-esque’ fashion. The patient can also review the profile of the doctor they will be receiving treatment from, alongside a rating and a review system whilst they are on route. Following the appointment, users are encouraged to leave a star rating and review their care.


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