Two apps join NHS Apps Library

Two innovative startups have joined the NHS Apps Library; the TrackActive and iPrescribe Exercise Apps.

TrackActive was founded five years ago by Ian Prangley, a professional sports coach and physio who hopes that TrackActive will change the face of treatment for musculoskeletal injury by helping to keep patients active and recover more quickly.

TrackActive uses innovative exercise prescription software designed for physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, sports physicians, osteopaths and other sports professionals. The software works as a fast and secure tool for health practitioners to design, deliver, and monitor patient exercise programmes and cuts out the need for a paper-based exercise programmes.

Ian says:“Research has shown us that only 37% of patients with low back pain actually do their exercises as prescribed by their health practitioner and and that musculoskeletal conditions are the second highest contributor to global disability. As a sports coach, I have found this incredibly frustrating because patients do not recover as quickly as they should.  TrackActive was developed to provide a faster, easier way to get patients exercising correctly so that they will recover more quickly and be back to full fitness faster.”

iPrescribe Exercise, which was founded two years ago, has also been developed by physiotherapists – Lewis and Carron Manning. The app, which is now listed on the NHS Apps Library, uses  an automated algorithm to analyse the user’s health and resting heart rate, and prescribes a personalised and graduated 12-week physical activity programme. The exercise intensity and duration is based on the information provided by the user.

Founder, Carron Manning said: “iPrescribe Exercise can play an important role in the management of several long-term health conditions which we can selectively target with the app including heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. It can also help those who are sedentary, or at risk of developing chronic diseases, to become more active and reduce their disease risk. ​The app is based on the latest scientific evidence and follows the latest medical guidelines for exercise prescription.”

Both businesses are being mentored as part of the OpenActive Accelerator programme and is part of OpenActive, a community initiative which receives National Lottery funding from Sport England.