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HTN 100: Cera Care, Homerton upgrades its outpatient services and ECLIPSE case management

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Cera Care to accelerate following investment 

Social care start-up Cera Care has announced plans to create 5,000 new care jobs as part of a £10 million investment. The start-up will invest in new technologies including predictive analytics as well as premium pay rates, in order to attract more people to the care profession.

Dr. Ben Maruthappu, co-founder and CEO of Cera Care, said “Our ambition is to revolutionise the care sector, for both people receiving and providing care. It’s time to innovate and invest in the future workforce of the care sector. We want to show how thoroughly rewarding a carer’s role can be in the digital age, and what better way of doing that than connecting them with real-life carers to talk about their experiences.”

Cera Care is also investing further in its predictive analytics software to support the carer decision-making process and is partnering for the first time with tech-enabled wearable companies to improve the quality of care provided to the elderly. The software collects data from care reports, smart-home devices, and wearables to predict early onset of illness or health deterioration. This will enable families and carers to respond faster, ultimately reducing avoidable hospital admissions.

Homerton NHS Trust upgrades outpatient services with Nuance

Nuance has announced that Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust has deployed its Dragon Medical One cloud-based speech recognition technology, significantly reducing transcription costs, speeding up clinical correspondence and freeing-up time to care.

The hospital has reduced the turnaround time on clinic letters to just two days, while also saving more than £150,000 per year on transcription expenditure.

Paul Adams, Head of Clinical Information System at Homerton University Hospital “The Nuance Dragon Medical One speech recognition engine, utilising artificial intelligence, is incredibly fast and accurate – making life for our clinicians easier. We’ve seen considerable month-on-month cost savings as we replace our transcription services with front-end speech recognition and we’ve also reduced expenditure by not having to invest in additional hardware or recruit scarce and expensive technical resources to run the software day-to-day,” he added.”

ECLIPSE case management from OLM

ECLIPSE case management, from OLM, is set to address the challenges that social workers and health care professionals face when recording.

The system intelligence speeds up the recording process by automating known or repetitive tasks. ECLIPSE gives the power back to professionals by reducing administration, enabling them to concentrate on delivering the best outcomes for their clients.