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HTN 100: Shaping Cloud, Egton Online Triage and Care to Translate

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Shaping Cloud selects Highland Marketing to help achieve its growth ambitions

Shaping Cloud provides cloud consultancy and migration support to clients such as Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, and Homes England. Its services are increasingly in demand as the public sector looks to use cloud infrastructure to deliver flexible and efficient IT to support new ways of delivering services. Shaping Cloud engaged with 14 agencies before selecting Highland Marketing as its agency to support their growth ambitions.

Carlos Oliveira, CEO, Shaping Cloud “We chose Highland Marketing because they really took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve and came to us with ideas that would build on our own efforts.”

“We are seeing the NHS and local authorities increasingly recognising the importance of technology and data in addressing the challenges that they are currently facing within a climate of limited resources,” said Highland Marketing’s CEO, Mark Venables.

GPs dramatically cut waiting times and reduce admin with online triage

A new online triage system has enabled a GP surgery in east London to drastically reduce admin and cut the time that patients wait for an appointment from up to four weeks to just one day. GPs at Stratford Village Surgery say the programme, which asks patients to fill in an online form before a GP appointment is allocated, is allowing them to deal with patients more effectively. It means patients no longer have to navigate the Monday morning phone congestion.

Of 2,500 patients who have used the service since August this year, just 25% needed appointments with GPs. The majority of requests for appointments could be dealt with in writing or by speaking to the patients. Some were sign-posted to alternative services or self-help information which enabled them to directly access the services they required. Local direct access services are made available on EMIS online triage. Calls to reception and DNA rates were halved, and there were fewer unnecessary appointments using the system developed by Egton, part of EMIS Group.

Chris Riley, IT project manager, Newham CCG, added: “Patients are happy because they don’t have to phone up and wait weeks for an appointment. Instead they can get an immediate response for basic requirements.”

Care to Translate launches medical interpretation app to break language barriers globally

Care to Translate’s first app was launched one year ago and is already one of the most used translation tools in Swedish healthcare. The company has over 23,000 users and is now launching its service to the European market.

Care to Translate was founded in 2018 by a team of physicians and medical students who left the clinic to wholeheartedly devote their time and efforts to solve problems caused by the lack of interpreters in healthcare.

“The problem with language barriers in healthcare is serious and overlooked. Inability to communicate leads to additional costs for healthcare providers and a significant reduction in quality of care and patient safety. Additionally, insufficient translation makes patients feel insecure. These issues are what we seek to change,” says Linus Kullänger, CEO and co-founder. “In Sweden the need and demand for correct translations is huge. The fact that our service, in such a short period, has attracted so many users only through word of mouth is a clear sign that Care to Translate meets an important need. The need is in fact global. Therefore, it is a natural step to expand outside Sweden,” says Annie Backman, COO and co-founder.  

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