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HTN 100: Digital fellowship programme and 10 sprint exemplar innovation projects

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Digital fellowship programme launched following Topol Review

Health Education England (HEE) are establishing the Topol programme for twenty Digital Fellowships in healthcare for clinicians, to incorporate digital health expertise within their careers and pursue training in informatics and digital health.

As identified in the Topol Review, the task of ensuring that the workforce has the skills, knowledge and time to care is essential to future-proofing the NHS and its ability to meet patients’ needs.

The proposal for the Topol programme for Digital Fellowships in healthcare is that this programme will enable staff to be supported to develop the digital capabilities that will start them on a career path to be Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIO), Chief Information Officers (CIO) or equivalent leaders in health technology and play a significant role in supporting change within their spheres of practice and influence. These capabilities will enable clinicians to lead, direct and instigate the transformational change enabled by technology.

10 Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects to receive share of £10 million 

As part of the Digital Innovation Hub programme, Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) has announced 10 ‘Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects’, three of which are being led or supported by AHSNs.

These innovative data solutions to healthcare challenges are set to receive a share of £3 million Government funding following a UK-wide competition. The initiatives will see NHS, universities and companies combining expertise and using health data responsibly to drive innovation and improve health outcomes for people across the UK.

Full details on all 10 innovation projects are available here.      


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