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University Hospital Southampton offers medical record access

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust is now offering patients access to manage their hospital record online.

The website My medical record (MyMR) was developed by the trusts IT department and Get Real Health.

The platform provides the opportunity to make information which is held in clinical and admin systems, such as upcoming appointments, test results and consultant advice, available to patients electronically in an instant.

Additionally, they can keep daily diaries on their health, upload data from devices used at home – such as blood pressure, blood sugar and Fitbit activity – and communicate with doctors and nurses without attending hospital.

MyMR was piloted among patients with inflammatory bowel disease before being extended to cover cancer and children’s services. It was adapted and launched at four other UK hospitals to evaluate its effectiveness as a self-management tool for prostate cancer patients, with more than 3,500 patients now registered which has removed the need for 20,000 outpatient appointments to date.

Adrian Byrne, director of informatics at UHS “MyMR really is leading the way in working towards a virtual hospital environment which gives patients much more control over their healthcare and better accessibility to their clinical teams and health record.”

“We are extremely proud of the impact this development is having not only in Southampton and the surrounding area but across the country at a time when the digital agenda forms an integral part of the plan for the NHS over the next 10 years.”

Matthew Beedle, MyMR product manager at UHS, said: “We want to sign up any patient who has a recent, ongoing or upcoming relationship with us as these patients will get the most benefit out of MyMR. We have a very exciting year ahead with more trusts lined up to adopt MyMR and UHS patients are at the forefront in terms of access to this technology.”