Push Doctor selects Datix patient safety software

Push Doctor has selected Datix the patient safety and risk management software provider to improve its incident management and reporting.

Push Doctor will deploy three Datix modules – Incident, Dashboard, and Risk Register – which will enable the digital physician practice to transform its current reporting system by improving accuracy of incident reports, standardising reports, and triangulating incident and risk data to identify improvement opportunities.

Wais Shaifta, CEO of Push Doctor “A key differentiator was that the Datix system could be configured around our individual policies, processes, and culture. The connectivity between incident and risk data is key to us, as it will provide us with a complete overview of all of our data and allow us to more accurately pinpoint areas for improvement, something that we couldn’t do with our previous system. We’re keen to start standardising our processes and improving accuracy with Datix.”

Push Doctor’s GPs are located remotely throughout the UK, which has posed a challenge in creating a clear or easy process for reporting incidents or risks. However by using the Datix software package the company hopes to streamline this process.

Claire Aldred, Datix Vice President Commercial UK and EU “We are thrilled that Push Doctor have chosen Datix as its incident management tool and have given us the opportunity to work together to optimise its reporting and safety processes.”

“Digital healthcare is a fast-growing and new sector for us, and we’re really keen to start exploring the learning opportunities that this new alliance will open up for both of us.”