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NHS Digital agrees deal with data monitoring and analytics platform

NHS Digital has agreed a deal with Splunk a data monitoring and analytics platform.

The deal is said to support trusts make better use of their machine generated information and provide a more cost-effective approach in utilising the data analytics and processing software to drive operational insight from machine data.

The commercial partnership that exists between Splunk and NHS Digital, will allow local organisations to access real-time data across a range of services that will help to protect against service issues. The platform can also be used to help reduce system incidents by 15-45% and improve detection and investigation of security threats by 70-90%, as NHS Digital has found over a number of internal programmes.

NHS Digital said they have already used Splunk Enterprise across a wide range of national services and programmes including the NHS Spine, Secondary Uses Service (SUS+), e-Referral Service, NHS 111 and the Care Identity System, among others.

Mike Flintoft, Associate Director for Platforms and Infrastructure at NHS Digital, said: “Splunk Enterprise has been a key strategic product for NHS Digital for several years and has had a real benefit to ensuring the systems and platforms that the NHS rely on are monitored and available to support patient care.”

Richard Timperlake, Vice President of EMEA, Splunk, said: “There is a tremendous opportunity for the NHS to become a truly data-driven organisation and we are pleased that through this agreement Splunk will continue to be a key part of that journey.”

“Our priority is always ensuring customer success and with this new framework in place to purchase Splunk Enterprise and become trained to use it, we look forward to working with more NHS Trusts on their digital transformations.”

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