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HTN 100: TestCard, PRSB, Push Doctor, Leeds Digital Festival and Fujifilm

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TestCard Funding Round reaches £1.5m

TestCard, the postcard with an embedded, pull-out urine test providing instant result via an app is raising a total of £2.5m in a funding round at a pre-money valuation of £12.5m. The company has secured £1.5m to date and thus £1m remains available via an issue of new shares at £615 each. Minimum investment size is £25,000.

PRSB has launched a new survey

The new survey by the Professional Record Standard Body provides you with the opportunity to help to define the core information that needs to be shared in local health and care records.

The survey is open until 30 April and will take no more than 15 minutes to complete. You can find the survey here.

Push Doctor has supported 120 babies less than one month old

New appointment information from digital health provider Push Doctor shows that a patients as diverse in age as three days old and 104 have benefitted from the convenience and accessibility afforded by online appointments.

Push Doctor GPs have consulted with 120 babies that were less than a month old, offering medical guidance and reassurance to new parents on a number of conditions including reflux, oral thrush and conjunctivitis.

Dr Dan Bunstone, Chief Medical Officer of Push Doctor, added: “We’ve always been age agnostic in wanting to help as wide a group of patients as possible, but it’s one thing having this objective and another following through on it. Therefore it’s particularly pleasing to see that people at all stages of life are benefitting from the availability, accessibility and convenience of digital health.”

“For new parents suddenly entrusted with the responsibility of looking after a baby, it can be a daunting period that no amount of preparation can fully ready you for. Often the issues they are coming to us are simply in need of advice, but with children, it can be easy to worry. Speaking to a medical expert from the comfort of their own home not only allays these fears, but removes the need to leave the house with the infant and the military preparation this can involve for the uninitiated.”

Leeds Digital Festival events programme aims to shine a light on digital’s role in health and social care

The programme of free events, curated by mHabitat on behalf of Leeds City Council and NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, will explore a broad spectrum of topical digital health tech issues – from the ethics of artificial intelligence, through to how we use personal data and the impact of social media on vulnerable teens.

Key speakers will include representatives from the event programme’s sponsor BJSS, NHS England, NHS Digital, international speakers, academic experts, patients and citizens with first-hand experience of using digital to manage their conditions, and industry.

Dr Victoria Betton, managing director and founder of mHabitat said: “Through the 100% Digital Leeds events programme, we’re aiming to provide a more holistic view of the digital health landscape and examine how we can work collaboratively on the opportunities and challenges that digital presents.”

The events take place 23rd April and 3rd May 2019.

Fujifilm launches two development centres for AI 

Fujifilm have launched two new Artificial Intelligence development centres in Tokyo – the Fujifilm Creative AI Centre known as ‘Brain(s)’ and the Fujifilm AI Academy.

Fujifilm has developed AI capable of reading diverse information from image data, and principally employing this technology in the fields of image diagnostics and photography. Over the coming years, Fujifilm intends to accelerate the development of AI-based technology capable of supporting clinicians, through comprehensive analysis of decision-making on the basis of data collected through its business activities.  

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