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HTN 100: Nouveau, RCGP, Portsmouth, Allocate and MedCompared

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Greenbone Networks partners with Nouveau Solutions 

Nouveau Solutions has partner with Greenbone Networks a provider of vulnerability management.

Nouveau, which delivers a range of IT, network and managed services to more than 500 UK organisations, will now offer the Greenbone Security Manager appliances as part of its cybersecurity portfolio.

Andy Stevens, Business Unit Director of Nouveau “UK organisations – especially in the health sector – are still smarting from the WannaCry attacks, when hackers exploited a well-known vulnerability in order to spread their malware and hold entire organisations to ransom. No one wants to run the risk of a similar attack, so organisations are increasingly turning to vulnerability management solutions to pinpoint and close weak spots in their infrastructures. This is a very timely partnership with Greenbone. It’s industry-leading vulnerability management system is a great complement to the solutions we offer at Nouveau and its hands-on approach to working with the channel makes it the ideal partner.”

College calls on Health Secretary to make NHS a world leader in tech by getting the basics right first

Royal College of GPs has said a robust and joined-up IT system across the NHS needs to be prioritised before a technological ‘revolution’ in patient care can truly happen.

It is estimated that up to 80% of GP practices could soon be using outdated IT systems that are not suitable for the demands of future care – with some practices still reliant on old fashioned fax machines.

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “GPs have always embraced new technology. General practice was the first NHS sector to have electronic prescribing and electronic patient records so we know how beneficial new technology can be and we recognise its huge potential to help our patients.”

“GPs want the latest, cutting-edge tech at our disposal but we need the basics to work first. That means everything from making sure that our computers don’t crash while issuing a prescription, to making sure our systems talk to those in all hospitals so that we can improve the care and experience that our patients receive throughout the NHS.”

“We want the NHS to be a world leader in technology, and we are ready for a new wave of exciting opportunities which have the potential to revolutionise patient care, but a lot of work is needed before that can happen, and we need to ensure sure that these opportunities are embraced safely and sustainably with GPs at the centre of changes.”

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust partners with Allocate

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has revealed plans to roll out a new rostering system from Allocate.

The Trust aims to save approximately 600 hours per month on workforce management and plans to use the system to roster and plan its 7,000 staff, 95% of which work at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Around 150 different rosters are created in the hospital, with each four-week roster usually taking senior nurses 7-8 hours to complete. With the new system, the trust anticipates it will take just 1-2 hours, delivering significant time savings.

Tom Weeks, Workforce Systems Implementation Manager at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Our disparate ways of working meant we lacked the visibility, intelligence and interoperability required to create up-to-date and accurate staff rosters – and in advance too. And, in any NHS organisation, this is critical.” “HealthRoster will make it easy for us to evaluate if we are keeping the right level of staffing for the best patient care. It will also enable us to ensure that all of our staff are being treated fairly, with sufficient notice of work patterns and that they are working the appropriate hours – through seeing which shifts they are taking and so helping them achieve a better work-life balance.”

Online Prescription Price Comparison Website Launches in UK

An online prescription comparison website has been launched, MedCompared. The website allows comparison of the same medicine from different online pharmacies.

Bruno Correia, co-founder, MedCompared “Some online pharmacies prefer to split the price in different services while others opt for all services included in one price, which can be confusing from the customer point of view. However, understanding this difference between online pharmacies and comparing their services in prices is crucial to making the most informed decision when buying medication online.”   

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