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InterSystems NHS HL7 FHIR profiles made available for free

InterSystems has made all NHS HL7 FHIR profiles available to NHS customers for free to support the NHS deliver interoperability.

One of the components made available to the NHS will help support the Transfer of Care Initiative by providing the tools for trusts to connect to the Message Exchange for Social Care and Health for transferring clinical documents to GPs, such as discharge summaries. In result a trust can exchange information using the HL7 FHIR standard, a key structure for supporting joined-up systems and care.

InterSystems said to HTN the most important use case is that it forms a simple, zero cost and effective means of sending Transfer of Care documents to GPs, to any organisation that has a MESH address.

The move will also support the GP Content programme with the exchange of clinical information, Child Health, eReferrals and Care Connect.

Jon Payne, manager, sales engineering at InterSystems, said “Interoperability using the HL7 FHIR standard is the cornerstone around which the NHS will build the joined-up IT systems that it needs for integrated health and care.”

“Any organisation with a supported version of Health Connect will be able to draw down these integration components free of charge. That means we will be providing free capabilities to organisations that have may otherwise have to pay for them elsewhere.”

“InterSystems wholly supports these developments, which will make it quick and easy for them to benefit from the work we have done with others to get data flowing in support of patient care.”