Liva Healthcare announces new programme with Healthier Living Partnership

Liva Healthcare the digital health coaching platform is working alongside Westbank Community Health and Social Care, on a new programme with Healthier Living Partnership and Devon County Council.

The programme includes a face-to-face service which will be provided by Westbank Community and personalised health coaching and digital support through the Liva Healthcare platform.

It aims to reduce or delay progression of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease for high risk groups. The programme will treat patients with a BMI over 25 and those with raised HbA1c measurements, delivering evidence-based, positive and sustainable behaviour change to the most deprived areas in Devon.

Liva Healthcare now reaches a patient number of 150,000, active in 17 Clinical Commissioning Groups providing technology and health programmes to facilitate ongoing personalised health coaching and to support strong patient and healthcare professional relationships.

Simon Pickup, UK managing director at Liva Healthcare, said “Our continued success within the UK sees more patients receive support at the touch of button.”

“Liva’s scalable platform enables long term lifestyle change for patients but also drives better outcomes at a lower cost. While delivering value is increasingly important for healthcare providers, we are ensuring that the outcomes for patients remain at the forefront of our service.”

Liva said their results reflect an average weight loss of 7kg within four months, sustained after 20 months. For patients with pre-diabetes, after six months of using the Liva programme, 75% had reduced their HbA1c to normal levels and 50% of patients with pre-diabetes had HbA1c levels indicative of a reversal to their condition altogether.