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HTN 100: including Juliet Bauer, Babylon, Will Smart and You in Mind Awards

Former NHS England CDO appointed managing director of LIVI

Juliet Bauer has been appointed managing director of LIVI, a digital GP provider.

The company has recently started a pilot with Boots to offer in-store video GP consultations. Bauer joined the company earlier this year from NHS England and joined as VP of product.

Babylon GP at Hand to expand to Manchester

Babylon GP at Hand is to expand to Manchester, with the first expected clinic to open in early 2020.

In London the local NHS has seen 38 fewer visits to A&E amongst every 1,000 of our members each 6 months and 39% of patients getting digital appointments within 30 minutes.

NHS CIO departs for DXC Technology

Will Smart has joined DXC Technology as the Global Director for Client Engagement, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Will Smart was the CIO of NHS England, however in June 2019 announced he was to depart.

Call for Judges You in Mind Awards

The You In Mind Awards by HTN focus on how technology is supporting patients and professionals from across health and care.

The innovative digital awards will take place 22nd January as part of HTN Digital Week. There are 9 categories to choose from to enter ahead of the deadline on 29th November.

We are now looking for judges from across health and care to support us. It’s really important that we have a variety of judges from various backgrounds and care settings.

If you would like to find out more please email


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