HTN Digital Week: What to expect from day two

HTN Digital Week is a week of online events to share and collaborate on healthtech, taking place 20th – 26th January 2020.

The Week is being supported by our sponsors,  Rhapsody, Dedalus and CCube Solutions. It is completely free for NHS professionals and includes over 20 webinars from a range of topics including healthcare apps, EPR implementation, population health, analytics, data, cyber security, virtual clinics and more.

The first live webinar presentation of day two (21st January) focuses on a solution implemented at Northampton General Hospital to support patient flow, reduce A&E breaches and improve bed management, and patient discharges.  The iBox solution pulls together information from several clinical systems to provide a highly visible patient record.

At 11:00AM the live webinar focuses on the Global Digital Exemplar programme. The University of Edinburgh, in partnership with University College London and Arden & GEM CSU, are undertaking a formative evaluation of the GDE programme. This webinar will provide early insights from the evaluation, focusing on:

  • Digital transformation: the challenges and unintended consequences of digital transformation and considerations for the wider NHS on the strategic positioning of digital transformation
  • Spread of learning: how to drive and cultivate a collaborative approach based on how learning has spread across and between GDEs and the Fast Follower community, including what has helped and what has proved challenging
  • Building a learning ‘eco-system’: the lessons for wider learning on digitisation and developing digital maturity across the NHS and the changing definition of ‘digital maturity’

Later in the day at 1:30pm-2:30pmBen Bridgewater, Chief Executive of Health Innovation Manchester, will present SMART HEARTS, the digital transformation of the heart failure pathway in Greater Manchester. The project aims to demonstrate that optimised remote monitoring care pathways can potentially translate into improved outcomes for patients and the health economy by detecting early deterioration and facilitating timely intervention. Data is being used to demonstrate the efficacy of the intervention and run machine learning algorithms to improve prediction. The project commenced in February 2019 and is demonstrating that data from the devices can be used to create actionable insights to improve treatment and care.

At 3:00PM we will be releasing a video that we are really excited about, a panel discussion focusing on demand management.

Finally at 7:00PM there will be a live video session on our Twitter Channel with our friends at Nova. This live stream focuses on the top 5 reasons for health tech startup failure – and how to avoid them.

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