NHS Digital launches NHS login toolkit

NHS Digital has launched a new self-service toolkit to encourage digital providers to integrate NHS login into their solutions.

There are seven services currently available that have NHS login enabled, with more working towards the integration.

Rebecca Jarratt, lead delivery manager at NHS Digital, said “NHS login benefits patients by giving them secure access to their approved healthcare apps in a way that removes the need for multiple logins and passwords.”

“We want to integrate as many digital services as possible, as quickly as possible to allow patients to take advantage of ease of access across to their apps.”

“Feedback from suppliers has been that the NHS login integration process has a real sense of purpose and urgency on both sides, which was very gratifying. We were also told by another supplier that it’s been a breath of fresh air working in this way, and that they were pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness of the NHS login team.”

“NHS login is much more than the way you log in to the NHS App. It is one of the keys to changing people’s experience of digital health services: a single login that gives individuals secure access to multiple NHS digital services and helps those services to link together.In many ways, it is similar to your Google or Apple account – and it will have the same potential to support simple and secure use of interlocking digital tools.”

“The challenge now is to help people who are making great digital tools to bring the benefits of NHS login to their users. Any digital health service that meets the eligibility requirements can now work towards and achieve NHS login integration. We want to integrate as many digital services as possible, as quickly as possible – but we need to do this in a safe and controlled way.”

“Our team has been busy building, testing and launching a process for NHS login integration that can be used by digital services. Just as you would test a new digital service with small-scale alpha and beta phases before rolling out more widely, we started by testing with a small number of collaborators.”

Approved digital health and care app and website developers can now integrate NHS login into their products to give patients a single swift and secure access to their healthcare information across all approved healthcare apps and platforms, wherever they see the NHS login button. This reduces the need for multiple logins and passwords.

NHS Digital has published the self-service toolkit here.