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NHS Nightingale London to use Cerner

Cerner Millennium will be used at the new NHS Nightingale hospital in London, the 4,000 capacity bed temporary hospital to support the coronavirus pandemic.

The Board of Barts Health NHS Trust will host NHS Nightingale, taking on ‘formal legal responsibility for the operation and governance’ of the new hospital.

The hospital is due to open this week and will be led by Barts Health Trust given the short timescales and Professor Charles Knight, will be the chief executive.

Staff at Nightingale London will use the electronic health record to access and record relevant information for COVID-19 patients. It will be used as an extension to the Cerner system in place currently at Barts Health.

A statement from Cerner said “Sharing Barts Health’s EHR means that the staff working at the Nightingale Hospital will use most of the technology and processes already successfully implemented across the Trust’s five hospitals. It also means that any staff from Barts Health providing care in the temporary hospital will already have access to the system, which will reduce the need for additional training.”

Distie Profit, managing director, Cerner UK “These are unprecedented and extremely difficult times for the NHS and our clients in the UK. Having been asked to support this temporary facility and extend our support to the NHS makes us feel honoured and humbled in equal parts.”

“Working closely together, NHS and Cerner teams have managed to get this new facility created within the system in just a matter of days. This goes a long way to show the great things we are all able to achieve when we work together towards a single goal, and for the benefit of millions.

“Today, the NHS’ goal is to keep as many people as safe as possible throughout this pandemic and to be able to look after those who are most vulnerable and have been affected by the virus – our goal is to provide them with the tools and the support that will help them get there.”

Cerner announced the news on Twitter: