NHS Digital partners with email and data security supplier

NHS Digital has partnered with email and data security supplier Egress for NHSmail.

Egress Protect will integrate into NHSmail to improve protection and security, following a recent successful pilot of the solution.

Chris Parsons, NHSmail Programme Lead at NHS Digital said “NHSmail is already a safe, secure email system, used by almost 1.5 million health and care professionals enabling them to send sensitive information and deliver effective care.”

“The partnership with Egress will continue to build on this, delivering an effective user experience, supporting security and compliance with GDPR with detailed auditing and reporting.”

The solution enables users to send encrypted emails to unsecure domains, including patients and other areas of the health and care system, as well as offering automatic decryption for inbound email. It’s used by other local government organisations and major private healthcare providers in the UK.

Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress “We are delighted to be working with NHS Digital to improve the NHSmail experience for healthcare practitioners and patients throughout the UK.”

“Modern and efficient healthcare requires an accessible and secure communication network built on the best data security and IT architecture available. At Egress, we deliver innovative email security solutions, that makes it easy for users to protect data and meet compliance requirements, and then quite simply, get on with their day-to-day work. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with NHS Digital, supporting them in the delivery of this critical communication network.”