Information Exchange portal across Hampshire and Isle of Wight adds COVID-19 data

The Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) used across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight has last week been updated with information relating to COVID-19.

The portal which shares health and social care information from GP surgeries, hospitals, community and mental health and social services across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas now includes information regarding a person’s COVID-19 interaction with health services. This data is now available to view in the Care and Health Information Exchange. 

The data has been supplied by NHS Digital to CHIE, identifying shielded patients and high-risk patients, both have been flagged in the portal. The data will be updated in CHIE on a weekly basis with a pop-up alerting the user to a high-risk patient when a record for that patient is entered. The alert will have to be acknowledged by the user in order to proceed further.  

If the CHIE patient record contains any COVID-19 data from GP systems, the alert pop-up will be presented to the user as soon as they access the record.  GP Advanced Care Planning is also displayed in the pop-up. 

If COVID-19 data is available, the data will appear at the top of the landing page, with a count of entries. 

Graphnet, the supplier of the software, has now rolled out the functionality across its user base, to include information regarding a person’s COVID-19 interaction with health services.

Peter Cambouropoulos, Programme Manager for CHIE at South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit,  said  “We are delighted that Graphnet has been so responsive to the COVID-19 crisis and has so quickly made available to us all these new coronavirus features and alerts.  These changes have been really well-received by the user community.”

CHIE state that: “In these extraordinary times we appreciate that it is more important than ever that health and care services are joined up and have the information they need to provide care to individuals.”

The system is managed by the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit on behalf of health and social care organisations in Hampshire, Farnham and the Isle of Wight.